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Lear Corporation is an American company that manufactures automotive seating and automotive electrical systems. In 2019, it ranked #147 and in 2018, it ranked #148 on the Fortune 500 list.


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Former Employee - CAD Engineer says

"The weakest team managers I've encountered in my career. The team atmosphere is a bit like the communist era, if your familiar with that feeling. No one is willing to help or support, unless there is a senior around to see the action."

Current Employee - MTM says

"Caged like animals. OK if your in the management's friends list or go to their house to watch football. You soon realise which are looked after. The policies are made up, good if your a "minority" as they say, but no good for the "majority". HR are un approachable."

Former Employee - Equipment Engineer says

"Bad work/life balance, many different responsibilities outside of the role, huge pressure due to the negative net income of the plant."

Current Employee - Quality Inspector says

"culture of blame different rules for different jobs arbitrary rules not enough breaks can't actually get to canteen, queue for food, get food and eat it in the 20 minute break from the line Many staff are agency and report incorrect or missing payments, issues trying to get any holiday, unpaid overtime, etc"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Incapable management and treats customers as objects"

Current Employee - Sewer says

"unequal pay and reduced staff costs, unprofessional management and engineers"

Current Employee - AP Processor says

"Almost no space for growth, no effort to retain employees, monotonous, keeping even bad employees"

Former Employee - Digital Project Manager says

"Unorganised leadership structure Lack of development Continuous Politics"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Human Resource Department needs improvement. Lot of politics goes around."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"New management has ruined the culture and business- no new orders People with contact will thrive or you will be fired without any reason Lot of politics at Senior Level killing the business, No long term vision"

Demolder (Former Employee) says

"They will fire you if someone else injures you. Good luck. They don't care about their employees at all and spend a lot of time pretending they do. If it a temp then good luck finding your next job.Your views are important to us and we appreciate the time you took to express them. We strongly feel that our plants are core to everything we do and our employees are our greatest asset. It is important that all our employees feel proud of their work each day and work in a collaborative, team environment where they can succeed and grow with the company. We would like the opportunity to speak with you and learn more about your experience if you are willing. Please reach out to Communications@lear.com and reference “Glassdoor Review” so we can explore further. - Lear Human Resources"

Técnico en producción (Current Employee) says

"Trabajar bajo presión, sin posibilidad de crecimiento profesional o económica,Salario muy bajo"

operator produkcji (Former Employee) says

"Bardzo stresująca praca, atmosfera na duży minus. Praca w tej fimie to była kompletna masakra. Nie polecam"

Human Resource Generalist (Former Employee) says

"Management is poor and starts up are extremely rough. 16 hour shifts, pay is extremely unfair. Lear has a buddy system and that is the only way to get promoted."

Production Operative (Former Employee) says

"Bad place poor situation with staff being high yes high on production line which yes is dangerous short breaks nothing against polish but if you aren't polish treated like dirtEasy to get toEverything about company"

Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Lear is a claimes to be a diverse company but doesn't act upon it. No support from upper management. Long hours with little support and no appreciation from upper managementLocationPoor, toxic work environment"

Production worker (Former Employee) says

"Horrible management Horrible flexibility Doesn’t work with single mothers Would not recommend anyone working here Horrible pay They don’t appreciate their employees Unfair treatment of employees"

Warehouse operative (Former Employee) says

"I was there three years on nights I was line feeder for over 500 parts, my time there a good with the line and warehouse staff but the management aren’t good at all promised me a contract but never received one after three years of hard hard work! Wouldn’t recommend working here"

Operator (Former Employee) says

"I was an operator dedicated to my job,working very hard but was never recognized nor appreciated .They believe in quantity not quality putting people under pressure at all times and I noticed that they don't have skills.."

Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"Lear was ok i like the flexable hours. but i did not feel safe there anyone could come in. Management was just there to get a check they did not promote fairly or hire fairly. HR did not do there job could never be reached when had a question."

TEAM LEADER (Former Employee) says

"Well the management was BS they kill all motivation that you have they want you to work as robot no stop you cant complain and if you have any idea your boss will take as he found it and if you say no like you will not work over 16 hours a day they kick you out i use to work 12 hours shift 6 days a week for 8 months . well that was wasting time to work for lear in morocco at technopolis rabat sale"

Tool and Die Maker (Current Employee) says

"If you like working 7 days a week and never being able to plan for anything including holidays this is the place for you. Management could careless of you. Constant turn over in hourly employees. Pay isn't very good even for skilled trades. Very poor place to work."

Gabelstaplerfahrerin (Former Employee) says

"Festanstellung nur über eine Personaldienstleister möglich. Test the best! Kollegen in der Sitzerstellung arbeiten im Akkord! Als Leiharbeiter wirst Du dahin gesteckt wo Du gebraucht wirst obwohl Du für einen bestimmten Job eingestellt worden bist. Ich wüde mir hier faire Vorgehensweise wünschen. War als Staplerfahrer dort und musste aber Sitze verpacken. Das wäre ja alles nicht schlimm gewesen, hätte man mir das im Vorfeld gesagt, das man so immer dort beginnt. Moderne Sklaverei!!!!!"

Técnico de Mejora Continua (Former Employee) says

"El ambiente laboral de Lear Corporation es muy pesado, es complicado, convivir con el área de mejora continua, son personas que son muy buenas en ciertas actividades, pero su actitud no les ayuda, ya que el área de mejora continua no quiere, no sabe, no conoce, no le gusta el trabajo en equipo, su actitud hace que el flujo laboral sea mas lento. Hay muchas cosas por mejorar en el área de mejora continua. Hay algunas áreas muy rescatables. Pero mejora continua es un área muy difícil de tratar. Es una humilde opinión. Es mi experiencia en Lear Zacatecas."

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"The worst place ever no real guidance they talk to you like trash not enough pay and they take your quarterly bonus money for anything. You have to constantly watch your back at this job."

Inspetor de Qualidade (Former Employee) says

"recomendo, uma das piores empresas desse porte que já trabalhei."

MAINTENANCE TECH (Former Employee) says

"Modern day slavery. You work under a virtual whip all day. Management hates you and wants you to suffer. The worst of the worst human beings manage at Lear Usually people who can’t make it at a real employer"

Project Engineer (Current Employee) says

"There are no opportunities for training, learning, or advancement. No resources are provided for developing or improving products. Management is weak, but also inflexible and unreasonable. Salaried positions can be expected to travel and work 70 hours or more a week for no extra pay, but flexible schedules or reduced hours during slow times are not allowed. Lear is a family company when the employee is expected to sacrifice, and it's a business when the employee would like concessions from Lear."

Operator production (Former Employee) says

"very poor relationships towards staff office workers supervisors quality etc think their above shop floor staff and look down on them. also the way people get treated unfairly by lear."

Storeman (Former Employee) says

"The Company doesnt have good Management..they are all raisists .they dont care about black peoples lives health..people are get killed there. No health and safetyNo LunchLong Hours."